And paying methods for your care


We accept private dental insurance plans.

Tax credits

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides a tax credit for medical expenses. This includes dental care, so expenses incurred for prosthodontics are eligible.

When your expenses exceed the amount reimbursed by your insurer, the unpaid portion is eligible for a tax credit. The credit therefore reduces the actual amount paid by the patient and can represent a substantial decrease in your treatment’s cost (about 33% depending on your financial situation).

We will give you all the receipts to this effect at the end of your treatment.

Financing plan

  • The only program designed exclusively to provide funding for dental care
  • 100% or partial financing
  • Easy credit approval
  • Easy credit access
  • Immediate access to an optimal and comprehensive treatment plan



You can pay for your dental expenses in several payments when the treatment requires more than one appointment.

For example, if six visits are required, you could pay in six equal payments. Once the treatment is completed, the invoice, however, must be paid in full.